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Lidier installed two ceiling fans and several electrical outlets, he did a great job and provides the best prices to his customers. Have another job line up for him. Sandra H.

2/25/2017 *****
I have used this company twice now and have been very happy with tbe work on both occassions. Once was for a business where he did painting, plumbing and framing. He was able to schedule it around my requests to least impact our customer flow.
The 2nd time was on a condo that I was remodeling. He installed windows and doors, installed LED lighting, finished out drywall, plumbing amongst other things.
The thing I liked the most was that Lidier pointed out any potential future issues and made suggestions on how they could be handled or avoided. He did everything I requested and a little extra and was still right on his original bid. I won't hesitate to use him for future projects

1/24/2017 *****
I  have had Lid do several jobs for me in my home. He has replaced all my Sliding closet doors and tracks and also put in a new gas hot water heater.  He does EXCELLENT work and very detailed and once he completes the job he is so clean that you won't even know he was there. He always answers his phone and or calls you right back and is available to help in anyway. I gave him 5 stars and would even go higher  if the chart went higher. I am just so impressed with his work and knowledge that I am going to use him on ALL OF MY JOBS. He is putting together an estimate for some flooring (tile) and once we work out the details,  we will start that project next month. IF you are looking for someone to do repairs, improvements, upgrades LID is your guy. Very Happy Customer.Jan & Joe C.

1/20/2017  *****

I definitely recommend Lidier Fernandez as a handyman! He's done a couple jobs for the production company I work at in Burbank, CA, from whiteboard installation with custom trim to creating a uniquely designed system to rotate custom fit calendar boards on an office wall. He even offered to make another visit to make sure we were satisfied with the product! He's kind, smart, innovative, and a quick worker. I could not be more pleased with his skills and work ethic. Nicole P. Los Angeles, CA

1/21/2017  *****

Lidier has done various electronics and equipment repair jobs for my company. He was able to fix a number of expensive cables which I would otherwise have thrown out. I found him to be very hardworking and service oriented. I would definitely recommend him for any work of this type. Richard Didcoate, President, AudioVideoLA

1/25/2017  *****

Lidier has worked 1000+ hours for my Company doing maintenance on my apartments. He is 100% trustworthy and honest on his time and billing. He has always gotten the job done on time and within the budget set.  He issues a professional invoice once the work is completed. This is your man!! Randy R. Riverside, CA


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